Currently Hot Cross Games is a small independent company hoping to develop some low cost fun games!

Gary Bunn Bio:

I am a passionate and dependable individual who works well both alone and within a team environment. I am adept at using several coding languages such as C# and JavaScript. I am also a quick learner with a genuine thirst for knowledge. I am well organised and punctual and always work my hardest to produce the best work possible. I have a knack for design and take advantage of my creativity to help push ideas further.


When growing up I always seemed to be creating something, be it drawing epic wars between transformers or building massive Imperial Star Wars bases out of Lego. This need to create continued as I entered the gaming community. I often found I gravitated towards games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Far Cry, Little Big Planet and basically any other game with some degree of map editor or customization. After finished my A levels I decided to jump straight into the world of work as I did not know what I wanted to do career wise yet. 3 years of working in retail I decided I wanted to try something new. This lead me to decide to go to university and follow my passion for design. To do this I studied Computer Gaming Technology. This choice came about as I had no real idea where I would fit in the industry and had no prior knowledge of how to code or design so this felt like a good option due to the variety it offered so i could find out what I enjoyed. What I found was I had a passion for almost every element of the game development process from placing rocks to look natural or coding the door to creak at just the right moment, even building the menus and interfaces was an invigorating responsibility. This enjoyment is reflected in my grades, I am proud of every piece of work I have handed in and the marks reflect why. Although I still don’t know where I fit in the industry just yet I can say with confidence that no matter what the role, I will try my hardest. My only real goal is be a dependable team mate who works within a friendly well oiled team doing what I love, making games.