Night Blights started off as a portfolio piece I did for a University module that I worked on alone. Once I had completed it I released it on Gamejolt and it had relative popularity across the internet being played by all of the big lets players. Since then it has had around 50,000 downloads and 140,000 views. Since this achievement I have joined forces with another colleague to further the game into a more commercial product and has since been Greenlit on Steam ready for release. Now it is just a matter of completing the project!

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The game itself puts the player in the perspective of a small child who must defend their house from an infestation of Night Blights by keeping the wardrobes shut, the toilet shut and feeding the Blights under the beds toys. The game was intended to be a light hearted but tension building experience. A huge inspiration for the game was Gremlins and some free indie horror games such as the Midnight Game.