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Night Blights

Night Blights started off as a portfolio piece I did for a University module that I worked on alone. Once I had completed it I released it on Gamejolt and it had relative popularity across the internet being played by […]

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Wheel of Wonders

Lead designer to create an arcade shooter. In the second year of my degree we had to work in a team environment to construct 2 games each within a six week time span. The first project was within a team […]

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Doom Bots

Lead designer and artist on an RTS prototype. The second game we developed was within a smaller team environment. This time it was a two man team where I would take on the lead designer and artist roles. With a […]

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Develop Games Jam 2015

              I entered the Develop Games Jam 2015 along with a few of my classmates and we were tasked with creating a game around the subject of Pebbles. We decided to take advantage of […]

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