Lead designer to create an arcade shooter.

In the second year of my degree we had to work in a team environment to construct 2 games each within a six week time span. The first project was within a team of 4 coders and 2 artists. I took on the role of lead designer. One of the most difficult tasks was to establish the same concept in everyone’s mind.  I did this successfully through the use of concept art and documenting the features. After this I took a back seat on the art side of things and concentrated on developing and coding the planetary defences and level design.  The game consisted of Earths nations had split apart and colonized new planets. You play as a UFO who seeks to take out their defences and steal their landmarks. The game also featured an upgrade system with the UFO itself being fairly customisable . Overall this project was successful and helped teach me the importance of communication within a team environment.


The game was since published on Gamejolt found here: http://gamejolt.com/games/wheel-of-wonders/81457#close